We are an elite group of commercialization experts tackling a growing industry challenge.

Science is inherently a collaborative effort. Scientists, technologists and engineers from virtually every corner of the world are now contributing to the process of discovery and innovation. But as the pipeline of ideas and inventions expands, the resources needed to translate them into useful applications are dwindling.

Our members are creating a bottom-up support system for bold biotech projects with far-reaching impact.

We support big ideas with small contributions of time and talent.

700 for Science and its members support worthy projects and help startups save precious time and money. We provide market insights, make useful introductions and supply practical “how to” information. Our goal is to help compelling technologies reach their next critical milestone.

You decide if, when and how you can help.

Researchers, industry experts and business development pros can often make a real contribution with only modest efforts. 700 for Science selects projects and early-stage technologies that meet our criteria and assess what’s needed next to maintain momentum. Then we reach out to our members for help — requests for introductions, practical “how to” information, whatever might be needed. Our requests are always reasonable and respectful of your time.