How do we define ourselves?

We are an international nonprofit organization comprised of research scientists, business and industry leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in early-stage technologies. Collectively, we are creating a community of experts willing to support novel biotechnologies with real social value.

What technologies interest us?

Our focus is on early-stage biotech with inherent social value, which we define as the potential for delivering wide-ranging beneficial impacts to individuals, communities and/or the environment. Typically, these technologies come from universities, research institutions and startup companies in the earliest stages of commercialization.

What projects interest us?

We are a community of collaborators from a wide array of disciplines and our interests reflect our diversity. We look for projects that tackle big problems and have potentially far-reaching social impact. Through our Foundation , we support programs that can subsequently serve as models for implementation in other areas facing similar issues. To date, we have been focused on  deploying technology to address healthcare issues medically underserved areas of the world .

How do we access new technologies?

Our members often share the new technologies they run across in the course of their work. Additionally, we are building a reputation with research scientists, university tech transfer offices, R&D; organizations and startup incubators worldwide. We actively solicit technology submissions from these sources. We also welcome unsolicited submissions of technologies (via our website) and review those that meet our  criteria .

Why focus on early-stage technologies?

Early-stage technologies no longer qualify for research funds and because they generally still need to demonstrate proof-of-concept, they are often too risky to attract downstream money. As a result many technologies with significant social value are languishing. Our network of experienced commercialization experts can often help startups with small contributions of time and talent and, occasionally, funding from angel investors.


How do we select the technologies and projects we support?

New technologies and ideas for projects are submitted throughout the year. Annually, our members are asked to choose the technologies and projects they feel deserve the group’s support. Collectively these interests and efforts are called  Portfolio700  and  Projects700 .

What exactly is Portfolio700?

Our members select a core group of technologies from those submitted throughout the year. The annual Portfolio700 is announced early the following year. Throughout the rest of that calendar year, we identify and execute key activities that will help advance these technologies. Once selected, a technology remains a part of Portfolio700 — receiving support from the organization and our members — for three years.

Who can submit technologies to Portfolio700?

Every member of 700 for Science is encouraged to submit compelling technologies. Additionally, any research scientist, university, research institution or early-stage company may submit technologies at any time. Please review the criteria for inclusion in Portfolio700 .

How do members select and promote technologies for Portfolio700?

700 for Science uses a simple five-star “rating” system to make it easy for members to indicate interest in a submitted technology. Each December, we identify the top-rated technologies we will support in the coming year.

How does 700 for Science support technologies included in the annual Portfolio700?

As an organization, we provide hands-on marketing communications support for each biotechnology selected for Portfolio700. First, we create and host a  Tech Profile , an online marketing tool professionally designed to introduce a technology, its leadership and business strategy to relevant industry leaders and global media. We bundle individual Tech Profile pages and use them to publicize our annual Portfolio700 to science and technology writers worldwide. Entrepreneurs and project leaders embed links to this investor-friendly tool in presentations, virtual pitches and business communications to provide easy access to all relevant information.

How do individual members of 700 for Science support Portfolio700?

We rely on “opt-in participation.” This system enables individual members to make small contributions of time and talent to specific projects. As an organization, 700 for Science identifies the specific needs of each project. Members then determine if, when and how they can help — useful introductions, insight into a specific issue, advice on a business problem, practical “how to” information, where to go to get whatever is needed. Bottom line, our member network shares street smarts and lessons learned with young companies. We believe this give and take of helpful information helps foster global relationships and expand personal networks.

How does Portfolio700 differ from Projects700?

Projects700 are typically big initiatives that require 700 for Science as an organization to collaborate with other organizations to achieve a goal with far-reaching impact. Many times these projects are global in scope.

Who is eligible for membership?

Membership in 700 for Science is by invitation or  application . Typically, existing members recommend colleagues as new member candidates — a reflection of our core belief that every successful professional has a personal network of trusted colleagues. We also actively recruit members whose work experience will add value to the 700 for Science member network and help advance our mission. Membership is limited to proven professionals who are either research scientists or professionals with expertise in early-stage investment and commercialization.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee for academics or those associated with recognized research institutions. Members from business and industry are asked to contribute $1500 annually to fund our ongoing efforts. However, candidates are given one year to become acquainted with the group and determine whether we are a good fit. During this time candidates are encouraged to support Portfolio700 and Projects700. At the end of the trial period, only candidates who have actively engaged with us are invited to become full members. Worldwide membership is capped at 700 professionals.

How are member contributions used?

We are a global nonprofit organization [501(c) (6)]. After administrative costs are covered, all membership fees are used to support 700 for Science projects and advance our mission.

are the rules of engagement?

Good business practices — and good manners — guide our interactions. Members may submit new technologies, propose new projects, seek collaborative partnerships and reach out to fellow members to make reasonable requests for information. Members are encouraged to report any abuse of these privileges. All members are expected to respond (yes or no) to individual requests for specific support. Members interested in investing in early-stage technologies showcased to the group may directly contact the entrepreneur or business leader. 700 for Science is not a matchmaker and does not advocate for, or facilitate, investments.

What is expected of members?

The purpose of engaging with 700 for Science is to offer support for our projects and the technologies included in Portfolio700. Researchers, industry experts, investors and business development pros can often make a real contribution with only modest efforts. 700 for Science selects projects and early-stage technologies that meet our criteria and then assess what’s needed to accomplish the next critical milestone. We then reach out to members with very specific requests for support — ideas, useful connections and introductions, practical “how to” information, whatever may be needed. Our requests are always reasonable and respectful of your time. You decide if, when and how you can help on a case-by-case basis.

How much time do members invest in 700 for Science?

Our members are busy professionals so time commitments are minimal. There are no formal requirements beyond a shared understanding that we have agreed to engage in a collaborative process and our success depends on active participation.

Can any professional apply for membership?

Current members typically recommend new members. We do, however, allow interested professionals to apply for membership. We review applications and accept qualified members up to our limit of 700 proven professionals worldwide. If we are at maximum capacity, we add candidate names to our waiting list.