GreenSpense: Pioneering propellant-free aerosols

GreenSpense co-founder and CEO Mr. Gadi Har-shai provides an overview of how a new propellant-free technology is shaking up the aerosol industry. The new eco-sleeve delivers the same high quality dispensing experience for the consumer while eliminating 500,000 tons of gas propellants and 2.5 million tons of carbon emissions annually.

Launch a disruptive technology. Cut costs. Clean up the environment. Israeli designers envision a cleaner future with less VOCs.

Aerosols have been around for decades and are the go-to solution for manufacturers of everyday products that require continuous dispensing — everything from household cleaners to personal beauty products to paints, solvents and insecticides. Convenient as they are, aerosols are hazardous to the environment because they rely on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to propel the products from the canister. VOCs contribute to air pollution and are a factor in climate change. Aerosols are also expensive to produce, dangerous to ship and store, and put a crimp in creative package design. It’s time for a smarter, cheaper, eco-friendly solution.

At a Glance

  • Founded in 2011, privately held and based in Israel.
  • Utilizing the eco-sleeve and patented mount/fill apparatus, GreenSpense:
    • Enables new packaging and merchandising opportunities
    • Provides cost-effective alternative to current aerosol technology
    • Uses standard Bag-on-Valve and Bag-in-Can dispensing components
    • Offers consumers a familiar, consistent dispensing experience
    • Eliminates propellant-related shipping and storage safety concerns
    • Provides significant sustainability advantages
  • Award-winning technology
    • Winner of the 2013 International Cleantech Open Ideas Competition
    • Named to 2013 Top Ten most promising cleantechs in Europe
  • Holds the following patents:
    • WO 2012117401
    • Four more patents in provisional phase